Issues with bucking lip length

Some hop-up buckings (e.g. Maple Leaf – see photo) have a longer lip. It is possible then for some combinations of buckings and hop-up chambers to have bucking's lip protrude into the hop-up chamber's BB feeding hole.

Issues with bucking lip length

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Mitchell Reece, 11.3.2024 20:41.39

This changes the needed size of the C-Clip

Using this spacers can make it so the C-Clip is under constant tension and may need to be replicated with different dimensions (3d printed). Overall a good idea but not a drop in solution.

EPeSák, 11.3.2024 20:43.08

Re: This changes the needed size of the C-Clip

Yeah, true. In some cases you need it. You can also just modify the current one.

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